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Detour: Thailand

Seven flights and five days later, we are finally on the last leg of our journey, waiting for the connecting flight from Delhi to Kathmandu with about 80 other Western tourists outfitted in hiking boots and wind pants, ready for their trekking adventures in the Himalayas. It’s a little surreal.

We’ve spent the past five days in Thailand, trying to get over our jet lag. The first four nights we stayed in Phuket, a beach town in the south that is basically the Cancun of southeast Asia. If we had had more time or energy, I am sure we would have opted for a somewhat calmer, less touristy setting, but it turned out to be a good place to catch our breath and decompress a little from the madness of the past couple of months.

The initial weather was nice, so we enjoyed the beach and the pool and in the process wound up acquiring some pretty sweet sunburns. On the first day, Travis neglected to apply even a drop of sunscreen anywhere and burned the tops of his feet so badly that he had to wear socks to the beach the next day. I made the rookie move of uneven application and now have two bright red stripes down each leg. Other highlights of Thailand were the delicious food, the Muay Thai boxing fight we took in and the quick day spent in Bangkok.

Here are a few photos. Updates on our arrival in Nepal soon!

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