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Happy Mother’s Day from Sun Valley, Idaho!

Celebrated Mother’s Day today with Travis’ mom and dad – Nancy and Fineas – in Sun Valley, Idaho. Such a lovely day. It’s nice to be home!

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Farewell for Now, Nepal!

It’s hard to believe this day is actually here, but today Travis and I fly out of Kathmandu on a 40+ hour journey back to the U.S. Though we had originally planned to stay in Nepal through June, with the Edge of Seven¬†and The Small World projects in great shape and my work at Next Generation Nepal wrapped up, we made a split-second decision a few weeks ago to head back a little early so we could make it to a few of our dearest friends’ weddings that we would have been so sad to miss.

So, where to begin? This has been an incredible journey. And I know I speak for both of us when I say that we are beyond grateful to have met all of the amazing and inspiring people who have crossed our paths during our time in Nepal. We’re also beyond grateful to have had the opportunity to spend our days working with organizations that are doing so much good in this country.

I can’t say I am not bursting at the seams a bit to get home, eat a taco, and soak in the uninterrupted flow of electricity and clean drinking water, but leaving is definitely bittersweet. For all of the hardships life in Nepal contains, there is also an unending beauty that can strike a person even on the most chaotic street of Kathmandu. And from the kids I worked with in Kathmandu to the teachers and elders of Phuleli and Basa, many new lessons and perspectives on life have been gained. As with my previous trips here before, I leave having once again been strengthened by people who live life with exuberant joy and light despite having been through extremely difficult situations.

And the deal with the blog is that we plan to keep it going. Being officially homeless at the moment, we still have many travels and unknowns in front of us. Plus, our schedules and lack of Internet access over the past couple of months have made it difficult to update this blog in the most timely of manners, and I think we could both benefit from some time to decompress and process everything that has happened during our time here. So, look for more updates and photos about our work in Nepal to come!

Farewell for now, Nepal! We’ll see you again someday soon.

Wedding in Nepal

Recently, we had the honor of attending the Nepal ceremony for the marriage of our good friends Erin and Binod in Kaski, Nepal. It was a an amazing day, and we are so happy we were able to be in Nepal for the occasion. Now, on to more celebrations in the States!

Congrats, E + B!

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